Allison Liles

UI & UX Designer

Great projects start with an idea. A rough sketch of what could become a defining product or movement.

Developing that idea takes analysis, strategy and expertise to reach its full potential.

In order to create experiences that are embraced by and delight users.

Hi my name is Allison and I have always been a creative. I began illustrating as a child and began building websites as a teenager. I am a designer/developer hybrid and I've been creating in the digital space for twenty years. I went on to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and continue to be excited by the evolution of design with technology. I have worked in different visual mediums, but interactive design has always been my true passion.


I am experienced in many different aspects of design. I have agency and corporate experience. I have designed for marketing, education & web applications.

  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Print
  • Photography
  • Marketing


I also have experience with front-end web development. I have worked individually and as part of a web development team on projects of various scale.

  • HTML
  • Wordpress
  • Jira/Agile
  • GIT
  • CSS Frameworks
  • E-mail Marketing

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I am currently based out of Silicon Valley and am always looking for new projects and opportunities.

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